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What are some disadvantages of storing session state in cookies?

Cookies are controlled by programming a low-level API, which is more difficult to implement than some other approaches.
All data for a session are kept on the client. Corruption, expiration or purging of cookie files can all result in incomplete, inconsistent, or missing information.
Cookies may not be available for many reasons: the user may have disabled them, the browser version may not support them, the browser may be behind a firewall that filters cookies, and so on. Servlets and JSP pages that rely exclusively on cookies for client-side session state will not operate properly for all clients. Using cookies, and then switching to an alternate client-side session state strategy in cases where cookies aren't available, complicates development and maintenance.
Browser instances share cookies, so users cannot have multiple simultaneous sessions.
Cookie-based solutions work only for HTTP clients. This is because cookies are a feature of the HTTP protocol. Notice that the while package javax.servlet.http supports session management (via class HttpSession), package javax.servlet has no such support.
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